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Ireland offers excellent education system with many courses at both Undergraduate and Post Graduate levels. The standard of education is very high and recognizable globally by many companies which will help you for a better career.

Higher education is provided mainly by universities, institutes of technology and colleges of education. A number of other third level institutions provide specialist education in professions like medicine and law.

Education System


There are 7 universities in Ireland and all of them are ranked at top 3% globally. Universities offers both Under graduate and Post graduate courses on many study areas

Institute of Technology

Ireland has many Institute of Technology campuses which provides different courses on Business, Science and Engineering. They offer Certificate courses and Diploma courses


Colleges offers Under and Post graduate courses on wide areas

Types of Degrees


The Undergraduate courses are offered in Universities and Colleges and it is for 3 years generally. Some courses like Vertinary, Dental takes 5 years


Masters degrees are generally from 1 year to 2 years. Phd studies takes 3 years to complete