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Cost of Living Ireland

Ireland is a favorite destination for International students as it provides a quality life with friendly people and excellent education system. The presence of Global companies attracts more people towards Ireland. Ireland ranks 5th position in terms of expenses

Are the costs of studying in Ireland is expensive? Definitely not when compared to any other top universities all over the world. The estimated cost of Living per student is around €8000 to €12000 per annum depending on your lifestyle and rental house location.

Average Cost of Living per month based on Shared accommodation

Rent (Shared)










Total (Per Month)

€775 to €900

House Rent

The average cost of a two bedroom house or apartments costs near Dublin city center costs around €2000 per month. This can accommodate around 4 people and can be shared by each person and will cost around €500. The rents will be cheaper between €350 to €400 if you rent on outer areas other than city center.


Public transport is very well connected within Ireland and within Dublin. Public buses, trains and Trams (Luas) are available frequently to reach city center and to other areas of Dublin

Food and Entertainment

Ireland have multi national cuisines and restaurants for Foods. Indian and other countries restaurants are abundant and provides quality and cheaper foods.

Night Life

Pubs are a big draw for Irish and International people. Ireland have a vibrant nights and people can really enjoy the night life


Ireland has a free and subsidized public healthcare system, but most students carry private health insurance instead.