Minecraft Mod Course Ireland

About the Course

Who can Attend?

Course Duration

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What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a video game developed by Mojang Studios using Java Programming. The players explore a block item with and infinite terrain to discover and extract raw materials, tools and other items

What is Minecraft Modding Class or  camp?

Minecraft Modding class was added to train children on Minecraft modding using Java Programming and  explore their dreams and potential and help them to create their own tools and materials and publish them.

Anyone aged 10 and above.

15 HOURS. 1 hour a day.


Please check System or Computer requirements for Online camps

  • Laptop or Computer with minimum 1 GB RAM
  •  Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS Operating system
  •  Browser like Google Chrome or latest Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browser
  •  Broadband internet connection
  •  In built Mic or separate Mic or Headphone/earphone with Mic to interact with Instructor
  •  In build Speaker or separate Headphone/earphone to listen to Instructor training
  •  In built webcam/camera or separate webcam/camera. (Optional) for Instructor to help and guide children


Section 1Minecraft Modding
Lecture 1Minecraft Modding software installation
Lecture 2Introduction to JAVA
Lecture 3Build new Item, Block, Toolset in Minecraft
Lecture 4Build new Toolset like Sword, Axe, Pickaxe, Shovel in Minecraft
Lecture 5Create Minecraft Server